Film&Film Wrapping

To Enhance Forage Quality

Film&Film Wrapping is the combined use of Visqueen Croptight net replacement film (to bind crops into a bale format), alongside next generation Visqueen PolycropPro balewrap. This advancement in baled silage production offers enhanced silage quality and reduced moulds, as a result of greater bale density and an improved oxygen barrier, afforded by the extra layers of film around the circumference of the bale.

Additional benefits of the Film&Film Wrapping system include:

  • Easier handling & feeding
  • Reduced forage waste
  • Easier recycling

Visqueen PolycropPro - a technically advanced multi layer stretchfilm - is produced using innovative Pro Technology which stretches the film under controlled manufacturing conditions. This process results in a high performance stretchfilm with additional reel length and a thinner film profile, which combine to provide enhanced bale throughput, reduced oxygen permeability, high strength and superior tear resistance.

  • An enhanced balewrapping process
  • More bales per reel
  • Significant cost savings
  • Augmented crop quality
  • Less film to recycle post use

Technical Specifications - Visqueen PolycropPro

Width (mm) Thickness (µm) Length (m) Reels Per Pallet (pcs)
750 20 2000 40

Handling and feeding-out can be made easier with Visqueen Croptight and, as it is also made from polythene, it can be recycled alongside silage stretch film. Visqueen Croptight - a polythene film that replaces netwrap on round bales, not only secures bales effectively, but also aids ensiling due to the increased oxygen barrier provided by the extra film layers. Visqueen Croptight can be used to conserve multiple crops including maize, sugar beet pulp and grass.

  • Improves air barrier
  • Enhances fermentation process
  • More compact and stable bales
  • Easy handling and storage
  • Reduces forage losses
  • Allows automated bale feeding
  • Easy to recycle

Technical Specifications - Croptight

Application Width (mm) Thickness (µm) Length (m) Tensioning (%)  Reels Per Pallet (pcs)
Sugar Beet/Maize 950 13 2400 5-10 20
Sugar Beet/Maize 1280 13 2400 5-10 20
Grass 1280 16 2000 5-15 20
Grass 1380 16 2000 5-15 20
Grass 1280 20 1650 5-15 20
Grass 1380 20 1650 5-15 20

Visqueen PolycropPro and Croptight are manufactured by an ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 accredited company.

Visqueen Croptight should not be used on hay or straw and should only be used in conjunction with a bale wrap such as Visqueen PolycropPro. It has not been designed to be used alone due to the limited UV stability.

Visqueen Poly Crop