The Complete Silage Protection

Good clamp management can make a real difference to dairy and beef yields, so it is essential to maximise silage production through best practice and high quality film products like those found within the Visqueen range.


Visqueen side sheets are a significantly stronger sheet with excellent tear resistance. It’s increased resistance to weathering protects the silage crop for the harshest of weather conditions, protecting your forage.

Used alongside Clingseal and Visqueen Agri-s, Visqueen side sheets seal the clamp in all directions to ensure significantly less spoilage on every out surface of the clamp.

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Typically, forage consists of anything between 40% and 80% of the diet in most dairy and beef production. Feed as a whole represents the largest single cost in this type of farming where reducing losses and maximising quality is the priority. This is why farmers and industry experts use Clingseal, a flexible vacuum sheet that is used directly beneath traditional, heavier silage sheets such as Visqueen Agri-S.

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Known for its high strength, puncture resistance and excellent seal characteristics, the Visqueen range benefits from the latest manufacturing processes that enables the most effective placement of raw materials within the film blend, so that they reach those parts of the film where they are most needed.

  • Exceptional tear resistance
  • Longer lifespan resulting in better value for money
  • All weather protection with UV inhibitor to resist sunlight damage
  • Excellent opacity and gauge consistency
  • Fully recyclable

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Visqueen Premium Plus sheets are manufactured as a two colour sheet with green on the upper side to help with temperature control. The two colour sheet offers additional UV protection, making it suitable different European climates.

The advanced manufacturing technologies used in the production of Visqueen Premium Plus sheets, result in a lighter silage sheet, with a high impact strength and a longer lifespan. Visqueen Premium Plus sheets also offer exceptional puncture resistance, tear resistance and strength.

Visqueen Poly Crop