Enhancing Crop Preservation

Visqueen Croptight, a polythene film which replaces netwrap on round bales. It not only secures bales effectively, but also aids the grass ensiling process, thanks to the increased oxygen barrier provided by the extra layers of film.

Visqueen Croptight can be used to conserve multiple crops including grass, maize and sugar beet pulp. The use of Visqueen Croptight helps to produce a better quality forage whilst also allowing easier feeding and handling. As it is also made from polythene, Visqueen Croptight can be recycled alongside silage stretch film.

  • Improves air barrier
  • Enhances fermentation process
  • More compact and stable bales
  • Easy handling and storage
  • Reduces forage losses
  • Allows automated bale feeding
  • Easy to recycle

Designed for next generation combi-wrappers

The advanced manufacturing methods used in the production of Visqueen Croptight pre-orientated net replacement film ensure the production of a high performance film designed for use on next generation combi-wrappers with Film&Film wrapping capability.

Enhanced oxygen barrier

The additional layers of Visqueen Croptight around the circumference of the bale provide an increased oxygen barrier to enhance crop conservation, improve silage quality and reduce moulds.

Excellent puncture resistance

Visqueen Croptight is manufactured using multi layer blown film extruders and pre-orientated technology to give it excellent puncture resistance - especially beneficial when baling stalky crops.

Improved bale edge protection

Designed to cover the full width of the bale, Visqueen Croptight offers additional protection around the edges of the bale, which is essential when baling heavy or dry crops.

Better shaped bales

As a film rather than a net product, Visqueen Croptight also helps bales retain their shape more effectively thanks to greater surface area coverage.

Automated bale feeding

Bales wrapped using Visqueen Croptight can be opened easily and mechanically with modern bale shears which allow the bales to be opened and fed directly into the mix wagon in one process.

Smooth film surface

The smooth surface of Visqueen Croptight reduces wastage of useable silage, as, unlike netwrap, no baled fodder can become enmeshed in it. This feature is especially useful on frosty, winter mornings when the film just peels away smoothly from the ensiled fodder.

Recycling made easier

Visqueen Croptight’s production from the same material as balewrap means that it doesn’t have to be separated from balewrap after use. Both Visqueen Croptight and the accompanying bale wrap can be recycled together saving valuable time and labour.

Polythene sleeve packaging

Visqueen Croptight is supplied in a fully recyclable polythene sleeve that provides protection to the reel during transit and loading whilst detailing product information and usage instructions.

Technical specification

Application Width (mm) Thickness (µm) Length (m) Tensioning (%)  (%) Reels Per Pallet (pcs)
Sugar Beet/Maize 950 13 2400 5-10 20
Sugar Beet/Maize 1280 13 2400 5-10 20
Grass 1280 16 2000 5-15 20
Grass 1380 16 2000 5-15 20
Grass 1280 20 1650 5-15 20
Grass 1380 20 1650 5-15 20

Visqueen Croptight is manufactured by an ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and ISO50001 accredited company.

Visqueen Croptight should not be used on hay or straw and should only be used in conjunction with a balewrap such as Visqueen Polycrop or Visqueen PolycropPro. It has not been designed to be used alone due to limited UV stability.

Visqueen Poly Crop