Visqueen Side Wall Sheeting

The complete protection for silage 

The use of side wall sheeting in clamps has been proven to significantly reduce silage spoilage. It will also reduce time spent removing spoilt silage when it comes to feed out. 

  • Significantly stronger side sheets 
  • Excellent tear resistance 
  • High resistance to weathering 
  • Easy to apply and longer lasting 
  • Significant reduction in side spoilage 

Used with Clingseal and Visqueen Agri-S, Visqueen side sheets seal the clamp in all directions to ensure significantly less spoilage on every outer surface of the clamp. 

Width (m) Length (m) Thickness (µm)
4 25 200
4 25 125
4 25 125



Side sheets sleeve


Visqueen Poly Crop