Visqueen Polycrop

Proven Protection for Wrapped Bales

Visqueen Polycrop is a high quality silage stretch film produced on modern co-extrusion blown film lines. By combining multiple separate layers of polythene into one high-strength film, this offers farmers and contractors a superior balewrap with a superior oxygen barrier and excellent puncture resistance.

Developed for use on today’s complex bale wrapping machinery, Visqueen Polycrop film provides a consistently reliable wrapping experience resulting in the production of securely wrapped, well shaped and better protected bales.

  • Excellent film seal
  • Superior oxygen barrier
  • Enhanced puncture and tear resistance
  • Ideal for day and night time wrapping
  • UV protected for all climates
  • Fully recyclable
  • High mechanical strength

The technology employed within Visqueen Polycrop optimises the film’s mechanical strength and elasticity which ensures the film provides a close fit around the contours of both round and square bales. The flexible nature of Visqueen Polycrop also helps to retain an excellent bale shape. Polycrop wraps both round and square bales exceptionally well and provides complete and secure coverage of square bale corners.

Ideal for high-speed machinery

Visqueen Polycrop is suitable for use on all types of balewrapping equipment including modern, complex high speed wrappers. Visqueen Polycrop stretchfilm enhances bale throughput through ease of use and consistently smooth application to the bale.

Suitable for tough, stubbly crops

Visqueen Polycrop stretchfilm has the strength and durability required to cope with tough crops like maize and sugar beet pulp, as well as traditional grass crops. Visqueen Polycrop’s excellent puncture resistance ensures it handles well during wrapping, transport and storage.

A smooth wrapping process – day and night

An expert blend of the latest adhesive additives results in a high quality stretch film with an excellent seal that also significantly reduces residue on the machinery pre-stretch rollers. Visqueen Polycrop has been designed to ensure consistently good wrapping 24 hours a day: at noon in temperatures of 30°C or in the cool of the night.

UV protected for all climates

Visqueen Polycrop is manufactured to suit a variety of climatic conditions. As such, it guarantees the protection of bale contents and the secure storage of wrapped bales for 12 months after wrapping.

Technical specification

Width (mm) Thickness (µm) Length (m) Reels per Pallet (pcs)
250 25 1800 64
360 25 1500 80
500 25 1800 48
750 25 1500 40
1000 25 1200 15

Visqueen Polycrop is manufactured by an ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 accredited company.

Colours available

White Black Green

In the unlikely event of a problem each reel of Visqueen Polycrop is individually labelled to ensure 100% traceability.

Visqueen Poly Crop