Visqueen Agri-S Premium Plus

High Strength Silage Sheets 

Although it is lighter in weight, Visqueen Agri-S Premium Plus has been manufactured using SmartStructure Technologies to make it strong, tough and tear resistant. Visqueen Agri-S Premium Plus has an increased resistance to weathering, protecting your silage crop from the harshest of weather conditions, and its UV inhibitors provide essential protection from sunlight.

The science, chemistry and extrusion technologies we employ combine to deliver SmartStructure technology
manufacturing processes that ensure all mechanical aspects of our films are maximised resulting in reliable,
stable, high performing products that create ideal ensiling and storage conditions.

  • 125µm - lightweight and stronger 
  • Green/black - perfectly blends to the enviornment 
  • Convenient packaging for easy handling 
  • Centre folding - easier to unfold 
  • Fully recyclable 

Optimal mix of essential characteristics 

High guage consistency 

Width (m)  Length (m)

   35 50 


Jumbo roll

6    X  
7   X  
8 X X X
9   X X
10 X X X
11   X  
12 X X X
14 X X X
16 X X X
18   X
Visqueen Poly Crop