Sheeting with 5 layer technology

Good clamp management can make a real difference to dairy and beef yields so it is essential to maximise silage production through best practice and high quality film products like those found within the Visqueen range.

As with baled silage the expulsion and exclusion of as much air as possible is crucial to the quality of the ensiled crop. For over three decades many farmers have trusted the robust, durable Visqueen sheeting range to achieve this, thanks to its ability to create good ensiling conditions in the clamp.

Known for its high strength, puncture resistance and excellent seal characteristics the Visqueen range benefits from an advanced polymer blend and the latest 5 layer blown extrusion technology. The 5 Layer manufacturing process enables the most effective placement of raw materials within the film blend so that they reach those parts of the film where they are most needed.  This ensures the UV stabilizers are on the outside of the film to face the weather with the inner layers bearing the high strength and puncture resistance elements of these exceptionally strong silage sheets.

In recent years, farmers have started to apply Visqueen Clingseal – an additional, thinner, more flexible, low permeability film - to the clamp in order to reduce wastage. These new generation clamp sheets sit directly beneath the traditional silage sheet where they closely follow and cling to the clamp surface to prevent pockets of trapped air forming which in turn significantly reduces aerobic spoilage.

Because Visqueen Clingseal provides an effective air seal to create the right anaerobic conditions it also facilitates a faster, more efficient fermentation process to deliver enhanced silage quality. Visqueen Clingseal is especially beneficial when ensiling moist feeds like brewers’ grains and crimped maize - higher value crops that are more susceptible to wastage.

Visqueen Agri-S is manufactured in a range of sizes from 4 metres to 18.3 metres and Visqueen Clingseal in also produced in a variety of widths from 8 metres to 16 metres.

  • Exceptional tear resistance
  • Longer lifespan resulting in better value for money
  • All weather protection with UV inhibitor to resist sunlight damage
  • Excellent opacity and gauge consistency
  • 100% recyclable

  • Reduces air pockets to enhance effectiveness of conventional sheeting
  • Reduces top and shoulder losses in the clamp
  • Facilitates faster, more efficient fermentation
  • Suitable for several crops including grass, maize, whole crop silage and crimped grain
  • 100% recyclable